1. Why is my neighborhood having these reviews and what is the goal of this project?

Summit County Department of Sanitary Sewer Systems (DSSS) has identified your neighborhood as an area that has sanitary sewers with an excessive amount of clean water (stormwater and groundwater) entering into the sanitary sewer system during wet-weather. DSSS is starting a project with the objective of removing clean water from private properties. All cost to review and fix homes will be funded by DSSS. This project will help reduce the probability of sewage overflowing into storm ditches, storm sewers, and backing up into basements during wet-weather.

CT Consultants has been hired to perform the reviews of each home that will include televising your sanitary lateral while we add colored water down each of the clean water sources (downspouts, yard drains, driveway drains, sump pumps, storm ditches, etc). Findings from these reviews will be used to develop an individualized plan for each home that will redirect the clean water away from the sanitary sewer.

2. Will the review cost me anything? Will the improvements within my property cost me anything?

No. Neither the reviews nor the improvements will cost the homeowner any money. This project is totally funded by Summit County DSSS with the assistance of NEORSD.

3. Do I need to be at home during these reviews?

If you have a sump pump or are identified as a location that could benefit from a sump pump, yes. Tim and his crew will need access into your home to review the interior plumbing configuration identify potential sump pump locations or test the existing sump pump. If neither of these apply, then the crew will not need access to the interior of the home.

4. Will reviews be performed in a safe manner (i.e. COVID-19)?

Yes. CT’s first priority with each review is the health and safety of each homeowner. CT has implemented safety protocols for each review that follow all recommended guidelines from the CDC and Ohio Department of Health. This will include practicing social distancing, limiting entrants into the home to only two people, and wearing new PPE for each review (gloves, masks, etc). Further details are provided on the Health & Safety page .

5. How long do these reviews usually take?

Reviews vary, but on average 1 hour or less depending on the number of clean water sources to be reviewed.

6. What is a sump pump and does everyone have one?

A sump pump is a pump that is used to pump excess groundwater from around and beneath the foundation of a home and into the yard or storm sewer system. Not every home has these and they are rarely found in homes that do not have a basement or subgrade living area (split-level).

An example of a sump pump

7. Where can I learn more about this project and purpose for these home reviews?

Right here! You can find background information on this project as well as the issues with clean water in relation to sanitary sewer systems. The Project Information page contains a download section for additional information, including the presentation given at an informational open house.