What to Expect

Example project findings

Summit County Department of Sanitary Sewer Services (DSSS) has teamed with CT Consultants to perform clean water reviews of each home. Reviews will include televising of the sanitary lateral, while adding clean water with colored water to all of the known and accessible clean water sources (downspouts, yard drains, driveway drains, sump pumps, storm ditches, etc).

Findings from these reviews will be reviewed by CT, Summit County DSSS, and each homeowner. The findings will be used to develop an individualized plan for each home that will remove clean water from entering on private property. These reviews and subsequent improvements will be overseen by CT and paid for by DSSS with no cost to the homeowner.

Please schedule your review today with Tim

The owner or tenant will need to be present during home review

(440) 530-2352 [office]

(440) 477-4504 [cell]


What We Review

Project Schedule

Clean Water Reviews

Reviews will be completed by the end of 2021


Construction of improvements will occur throughout 2022


Sewer flows will be monitored through 2023 to evaluate the impact of improvements

More Information

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Letter to Residents

A letter will be going out to you to explain this project and discuss setting up your review. If you did not receive it or need another copy, you can download a copy of the letter here or call Tim at (440) 530-2352.

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Door Hanger

A message will be distributed in your neighborhood providing information and answering questions you may have about the project. If you did not receive it or need another copy, you can download a copy here.

Some slides from the powerpoint
Open House Presentation

A virtual open house was held on 9/22 - 9/23. A recording of the presentation and the powerpoint slides from the open house are available here. These provide details about the project and underlying issues being experienced in this neighborhood.

Download Slides